Is it possible to attend less than the 2-week Professional Division Summer Intensive?

Unfortunately, because of the popularity of our Summer Intensive Program we do not allow partial participation or latecomers to the program.

If I have been accepted to the Summer Intensive and plan to apply for a Scholarship, do I still have to submit my $300 deposit?

If you plan to attend the Summer Intensive regardless of whether or not you receive a Scholarship, you should submit your $300 deposit by the deadline in order to reserve your place. In the event that you are awarded a Scholarship your $300 deposit will be transferred towards payment of remaining school fees.

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Please remember that the $300 deposit is non-refundable. If you are absolutely certain that you will not be able to attend the Summer Intensive unless you receive a Scholarship, we advise you not to submit a $300 deposit.

What kind of financial assistance or scholarships are available for the Summer Intensive?

Merit-based scholarships are awarded by audition and cover the cost of tuition only. Some fees still apply (housing and weekend activities) and are the responsibility of the student. Scholarships are awarded when the program has been filled (February/March).

How many classes are students assigned each week?

Professional Division students attend a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 15 classes per week. Classes take place Monday through Friday. A typical schedule includes a daily ballet class, a daily Horton technique and/or Graham-based modern technique, and 5 additional elective classes.

How are students placed in the appropriate technique levels?

All students who have attended an audition have been placed in the appropriate levels by the audition panel.

Students who auditioned by DVD and photographs will be placed by the Program's Faculty based on the material demonstrated in their DVD, as long as they have followed the DVD submission guidelines. Those applicants who have not provided the required material will have their DVD returned.

Students should keep in mind that levels at Elevate Summer Dance do not correspond to the levels at other schools. Therefore, the level you attend at your current school has no bearing on the level you will be placed in at Elevate.

How are students scheduled for classes?

Depending on the student, everyone gets placed into appropriate groups based on age, talent and ability. These groups will stay separate for the duration of the program with the occasional master class where the students will combine altogether. Each group has alternating schedules to work with all faculty members in all styles of dance.

When will I know my levels and receive my class schedule?

Professional Division Students schedules will be handed out on the first day of orientation. Only those students who have paid in full and have submitted all the required enrollment materials will be given their schedule and be allowed to start class. Those who have outstanding balances or missing enrollment materials will have to settle their accounts on the first day of orientation.

Can schedules and/or technique levels be changed once the program has started?

There are no schedule changes. If a teacher determines that a student should be placed in a different level after the first week of classes, only the teacher can make that recommendation. Students may not request changes in the classes they have chosen or the levels they have been placed in.

How many students are in each class?

Class size varies depending on the technique, the level, and the studio the class takes place in. Professional Division classes can be anywhere from 10 students to 20 students in our larger studios.

What is the policy on missing classes?

Elevate's attendance policy does not allow for excessive absences.  Absences will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Excessive absences from rehearsals may prevent a student from participating in performances, or result in dismissal from the Summer Intensive.

Are make-up classes allowed?

No. If a student misses a class they cannot make it up.

Do all students get to perform in the end of summer performances?

No, only the students who are registered and accepted into the 4-week program will have the opportunity to perform in the end of summer performance.

Can parents or guests video-tape or photograph the performances?

Because of the choreographer’s copyrights, photography and videotaping is not allowed under any circumstances.

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