I thought dancers had to leave NS to attend high level summer intensives. But this summer intensive was incredible and, best of all, right here in Halifax.

The faculty were all amazingly talented. And really challenged the dancers in a supportive, positive, and encouraging way. My dancer's growth this summer was quite unbelievable.

Brittney is a very talented dancer, choreographer, teacher and mentor. She believes in all of her dancers and pushes them to achieve their goals, and then even more.

Brittney teaches so much more than just dance technique. She develops the total dancer, both physically and mentally, and prepares them for any type of performance.

My daughter was taught how to take care of her body and avoid injuries, and also taught how to deal with any injuries that may happen.

Definitely the best dance experience my dancer has participated in. We are so excited for the next summer intensive in 2017.

- Joanne (mother)