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Founded 2016

UPcoming programs: July 6th-31st, 2020

We are so glad to have you! Feel free to look around our site to learn all about the programs we offer here in Halifax for Dancers 11+! We currently offer 6 different programs for dancers interested in upping their game in the dance world! Are you ready to elevate your skills ?

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Held each year at the beautiful campus of The University of King’s College, Dancers come from all over Nova Scotia and the Maritimes to fully immerse themselves in a supportive and uplifting  dance environment. Founded by Brittney McCarthy, Elevate was created to offer a training program to bring the elite dance community together. In just three short years, Elevate Summer Dance Intensive has grown to be a place that dancers thrive and love to be. Each year, dancers audition and work hard to be accepted into the Elevate family. Have a look at our programs and see if Elevate is the place for you! We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!


Elevate offers six different ways for dancers to elevate their mind, body and spirit during the month of July each summer. Director, Brittney McCarthy and a group of highly educated and experienced instructors lead dancers each July on their journey to finding balance as artists. Elevate was originally created to provide dancers who are interested in elevating their dance training while enjoying the summer here in the Maritimes. We create an experience for dancers to learn, connect and grow as young artists. Dancers who attend Elevate improve substantially and quickly due to highly concentrated schedules full of classes for their minds, bodies and spirits.

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Is Elevate For You ?

Are you tired of feeling like you lose technique and skill over the summer months? Lucky for you, Elevate offers many different options of programs for dancers to not only maintain ability but also helps dancers improve at an alarming rate! Dancers ages 11+ are welcomed to apply and audition to be eligible to attend our summer programs. Individuals who are committed to dance, interested in quickly improving their technical abilities as well as finding their creative and artistic voice. What are you waiting for ?

Our Values

We believe that a balanced dancer is a healthy dancer – this is our priority. Clearing our minds, moving our bodies and filling our souls with purpose is how we elevate our dancing! Dancers are able to overcome their fears towards judgement, push past their limits and overcome any injuries they have faced or will face in the future. There is so much more to a successful dancer than just having the ability to move well! Join us for the month of July and you can too gain the skills to become elevated. 

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For the Mature Dancer

Are you wondering if this program suits your age? Are you wondering if you will be challenged ? Lucky ducky, Elevate has just launched our assistant program! For every 10 students that register for Elevate, we will choose a dancer 15+ to assist our instructors. These assistant will have responsibilities to help Elevate run smoothly as well as the opportunity to attend Elevate and train at half price! This is an amazing opportunity for mature dancers to gain new skills as teacher’s aides as well as elevate their own techniques as dancers!

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"The friends I have made at Elevate are the ones that will last a lifetime. For me, Elevate is more than a dance intensive, it's my safe space, it's where I have made unforgettable memories and it's where I became the dancer and person I am today."
Dancer - 2017 & 2018